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Soca Interior Design is an interior design firm committed to providing the highest quality WORKING and LIVING spaces within the economics and vision set by our clients. Soca has created a wide range of interiors for both commercial clients and homeowners. Working closely with a team of architects and contractors, Soca transformed the interior of a school that had been abandoned for 35 years into warm, attractive and affordable apartment homes for the elderly. For a premier New Hampshire law firm looking to convey the sophistication and scope of its practice, Soca created a high scale, comtempory metropolitan environment. Soca's commercial work covers a broad spectrum, from lofts in the developing Seaport district of Boston to retail stores in Harvard Square to the interior finishes of Goverment Center in Concord, NH.

In its work for homeowners Soca has created interiors both as part of the modernizaton of traditional New England homes and in the development of new residential areas throughout southern New Hampshire. Soca has gained a special reputation for its ability to bring distinctive character and warmth to new construction, making these new homes welcoming for the homebuyer who wants the ease of new construction with the feel of a true home.

December 2009 NH Magazine - Holiday Color.

New Hampshire Magazine, December 2009

(for larger picture click on the image to the left)

"I think of Christmas and the colors of your home need to complement each other and for many, the traditional reds and greens don't always work." (click here for the full article)

Lisa Dougherty of Soca Designs raised the beadboard and added framed artwork to give the functional mudroom and warmer look.

New Hampshire Magazine, March 2009
(for larger picture click on image to the right)

"It's not very often that we do a house that doesn't have a mudroom," say Dougherty. It's just important living in New England..." (click here for full article)


Lisa Dougherty of Soca Interior Designs Studio in Manchester, NH used an electric fireplace to dress up her client's living room.New Hampshire Magazine, November 2008
(for larger picture click on image to the left)

"...stoves like her client's are stylish in their own right, says Dougherty, people still don't really believe it until they see it."



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